Food validation

Due to the sociocultural changes, the demand for sugar is amazingly increasing. As the impact on the economic orientation, the traditional cane sugar was gradually faded away even it has been lose, but also lose the spirits on the nature cane sugar of Taiwan for years. Nowadays, the food scandals come out one after the other in few years, so that people lose faith in food and it reflect the potential risks on artificial raw materials.

YEOU-FONG insists on using nature cane sugar to be the raw materials of syrup without being affected on the economic cost. Customers can eat healthier and nature is what YEOU-FONG always insists for the business concept.

YEOU-FONG main products: Sakara Sugar, Brown Sugar Cane Syrup, Refined White Sugar Syrup, Black Molasses Cane Sugar, sugar balls/ refill packages/ economic packages/barrels.

Inspection Report

Food Certification

The company won the ISO22000 certification / HACCP certification / HALAL certification, the national food safety certification

Quality assurance, the product insured 20 million Fubon product liability insurance